Athletic Capital Campaigns

Many universities or colleges have their own athletic fundraising staff separate of the main university. Sports are exciting and you need the investment of a compelling campaign video to raise the maximum funds needed for facilities.

3Dream brings a unique perspective to fundraising at this level, for all types of facilities. These could be new football stadiums, club seating, private suites; basketball arenas, team locker rooms and alumni centers; or a general student workout building, aquatic centers or a variety of other athletic facilities.

3D Fly-Thru Animations

Don’t just tell them, show them… with a campaign video using cinematic 3D animations! Most people do not “get it” until they “see it”. Show them your vision and their enthusiasm level will rise to meet the need.

Unified Vision - Interviews

Demonstrate leadership with key-person interviews. When possible, interview persons with lead gift support or community leaders. We have the expertise of conducting professional interviews that will help tell your story.


Let’s get that coach and athletic director doing what they do best which is rallying the team! We want momentum of students, faculty and alums all working toward a common goal to raise the future “game-day” experience.