Church Capital Campaigns

We recommend kick off in the fall or spring for maximum impact. These fundraising events use video storytelling, interviews, call to action from the pastor, 3D virtual tours, and life change testimonies to communicate the vision and get people excited about the future.

Most campaigns are centered around a new building or renovation project and may include the purchase of land, or acquisition of furnishings or equipment. All of these are asset-building objectives, yet some campaigns may be focused on debt reduction, missions projects and other outreach initiatives.

Architectural Visualization

A 3D Animated Virtual Tour helps bring clarity and vision to your words. It’s one thing to talk about your vision and quite another to show it with a 3D Animated Virtual Tour. “Dream It… Do It!”


Member interviews help support the story and bring the congregation together. Everyone expects leadership to rally the team, but sometimes the more powerful stories come from the life-change from those around us.

Pastor's Call-to-Action

The pastor is the quarterback and delivers the Intro and Outro for the campaign video. The Intro celebrates a little about the past and present, and focuses on the future. The Outro gives specifics on how to participate in the campaign.