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Use 3D Animated Virtual Tours to
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  Immerse members into the future of your church with 3D Virtual Tours.

  Transform your vision into reality with our high-quality 3D renderings.

  Benefit from our extensive experience with over 1,200 successful church projects.

  Boost congregation commitment and engagement with exciting visuals.

  Receive expert guidance every step of the way on your own church’s journey.

Dave Williams
Dave Williams⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Executive Pastor - Abundant Life Church
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"Thanks to David and the 3Dream team for helping us on 3 consecutive campaigns back-to-back. We cannot think of a better way to cast vision with our people across multiple campuses."
Brad Oaster
Brad Oaster⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Design / Build - Oaster Facility Solutions
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"We do not do a church project without using 3Dream's Virtual Tour services. We know the power of using 3D and Online VR Experiences to help church's raise capital funds."
Roger Blumenthal
Roger Blumenthal⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Executive Pastor - Pantano Christian Church
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"We used the 3Dream Studios to create 3D Virtual Tours for both of our campaigns! Our people responded enthusiastically to the need for funding the projects."

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3D REnderings
Digital images

3Dream Studios specializes in serving churches (over 1,100 so far), to create beautiful 3D rendered images of your new building or renovation project to help you raise funds for your capital campaign or giving initiative.

3D Virtual Tours

Watching a 3D Animated Virtual Tour allows you to explore the future of your project. See what a new building will look like before it’s ever built. Virtual Tours are engaging, persuasive, and the best way to inject excitement into any capital campaign. 

Vision Video
Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign Vision Video is more than just a 3D Virtual Tour.  These short films provide an excellent opportunity to tell your story with short interview sound-bites, footage filmed on a Sunday morning.  It will allow you to communicate the details of the project and inspire support from your members.

Pastor vision casting segments are included to make a clear case for “why” you are doing the project, and it will also help you demonstrate the “what” of the project using a 3D Animated Virtual Tour.

Online VR

Immersive 3D Virtual Reality experiences are a new and innovative way to explore your new church design. You can embed these experiences into your website, or park them on a brand-new microsite. Once you launch the experience, explore as long as you want from your desktop, phone, or tablet with a direct link.

Walkthrough the building, look at its interiors, and explore the exteriors, all in real-time with photos and videos and multiple camera viewpoints throughout the facility. You’ll feel like you are right there! 


Use Life-Change stories between the campaign kick-off and commitment Sunday in a campaign to build excitement. Capital Campaigns are great for raising funds to build new facilities, but the key is to communicate why you are doing it! It’s not about the building, but what will happen inside the building to carry on the ministry vision. 

These testimony videos tell a story of how God has changed lives for the better. How has God affected your life and what does that mean for those around you? Life-Change stories inspire others who need to hear that specific testimony to then become a life that could be changed forever!

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