Crested Butte


Crested Butte Mountain Resort


Crested Butte, CO

Type of Project

Project Visualzation


3D Animation, Drone Photography

Crested Butte Mountain Resort has like many cities, special requirements and limitations on developments.  When a new development requests that those rules be modified for some reason, it’s important to be able to communicate how that may impact the local community. 

In this project there was a 3 story limitation on new development.  Of course in a place like Crested Butte where you want to be able to see the mountain, you would understand not wanting large buildings blocking your view.

However with creative site development and using a large plot of land those concerns could be mitigated. The project was presented to the city council with this in mind and to help show those concerns would not be significant or potentially relevant at all with how the developer planned to execute their plans.

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