Reach Church

Church Name

Reach Church


Kansas City, KS

Type of Project

Capital Campaign


3D Animation, VR Online Experience, Campaign Video, Testimony Vignette

Reach Church in Kansas City is going through a re-branding of the church.  Through this process of development many of their existing spaces in their current facility were going to have a face-lift.  With architectural help of Mantel Teter and the branding and vision of Story Labs, 3Dream Studios stepped in to create visuals of all that would take place during this exiting time for the church.

3Dream Studios created the full campaign communication package with 3D Visuals, VR Experiences and video testimonials.  These services helped communicate the vision of the campaign to the church and helped raise funds for the ongoing development of this project.

The church needed to use the existing space as efficient as possible.  One of the ways they were able to do this is a shared space for upper elementary and youth.  With the use of lights and non permanent stage dressing they are able to give each age group a unique space of their own and be flexible as trends and needs change in the future.

The entire facility at Reach Church received an update.  The main auditorium was updated with new seating, a new AV equipment package and stage design.

The main lobby was updated to include a cafe and lot’s of fellowship area to encourage community outreach and development.


The kids check-ins and younger kids were not overlooked either.  These spaces gave parents a fresh secure way to drop off their kids and know they are being taken care of while attending their service.

Last but not least, the front door to the community, the exterior, also received some love.  Updating the facades and the color pallet of the facility to be more modern and in line with todays trends, gives this community something to be proud of when passing by!

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