Union Public Schools Blockchain Diplomas

“Union Public Schools is the first high school in the United States to implement the recording of transcripts and issuance of digital diplomas through blockchain.”

Tulsa, OK – April 10, 2019 – Today, Union Public Schools (UPS) became the first high school in the United States to begin issuing transcripts and digital diplomas using blockchain technology.

Beginning May 2019, graduating seniors will be digital owners of their diplomas, enabling them to own, store, and share their well-earned transcript and diploma.  The world-leading technology known as blockchain will be used to ensure security and personal ownership for every student. For the first time in the history of education, students will no longer have to call the school to get a copy of their diploma and transcript.  They will also be capable of instantly sharing their transcript and diploma with colleges, universities, and employers who can instantly verify the credentials that have been earned by the student.

This digitally secure breakthrough is one of numerous efforts taken by Union Public Schools to ensure students are prepared for their future as the district meets its mission of “100 graduation, college and career-ready.”  No longer will students at Union be held up by the slow, traditional process of waiting for an official paper transcript.    Blockchain is the leading technology that brings personal and secure access to vital information.  This capability is truly the essence of what digital learning is all about.

Union Public School’s Executive Director of Technology, Todd Borland, said, “We wanted to empower our students with a fast and trusted method of sharing their credentials going forward, and it’s being delivered within a powerful and compelling use of blockchain technology”.

UPS chose a key partnership with 3Dream Studios of Tulsa, a Value-Added Reseller with Learning Machine Technologies, Inc. to assist in creating this secure vault of digital diplomas.

“We will be issuing diplomas this spring, along with providing full digital transcripts starting this year with our 9th grade level students, and with each successive year through graduation,” said Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler.  Union Public Schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has long been an innovative school, and this level of leadership is the very reason Dr. Hartzler was invited to the White House in 2014 for an initiative on digital learning.

Learning Machine Technologies (LM) selected 3Dream Studios as their national partner and implementer of blockchain for credentials and diplomas. LM has been responsible for implementing blockchain certificates around the world including MIT, international governments, community colleges, and with innovative universities like Oral Roberts University.

David Keesee, President of 3Dream Studios says “implementing Blockchain at Union Public Schools is a dream come true – as it is the first public school district here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”  Keesee continued by stating “I’m excited to see such an innovative team at Union Public Schools embrace this proven technology for its students, faculty and staff.  They will be considered digital leaders, nationally.”

About Union Public Schools:  Union Public Schools is the 8th-largest district in Oklahoma with nearly 16,000 students in grades Pre-K through 12. The district’s 19 schools are in southeast Tulsa and a portion of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.   

About 3Dream Studios:             www.3DreamStudios.com is a micro-innovating company that specializes in blockchain technologies, is the producer of the first virtual reality education system for use in K-12 thru Higher Education and is known nationally for highly successful capital fundraising campaigns using 3D Animations and real-time VR simulations.

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