University Capital Campaigns

We’re not talking about general foundational growth and philanthropy here. We are talking about key initiatives.

Do you have an idea for a new development, building or facility for your campus? Likely, it will be a specific project that will take significant capital funding to build. Other capital projects may be for renovation, maintenance or preservation.

Share Your Vision - Video

You’ve got to show your potential donor group that you have done your homework. Create a campaign with excellence throughout your presentation materials. This will include 3D Renderings and a video that stands apart from anything they have seen from you before. It should capture their attention in the opening seconds of the presentation.

3D Animation

This is practically a requirement in today’s campaigns. Don’t just tell them with words or show a simple floor plan graphic. Take them there virtually and show them what it will look like first hand!

3D virtual tour presentations demonstrate a level of excellence and command of your communications effort. It shows that you have worked hard and considered all aspects of your project.

Make your Donors the Heroes

Demonstrate how a donor’s financial gift will make a positive change. Conduct interviews pointing to the good that will be accomplished as a result of a successful campaign.

We all want to know that what we do is making a difference. It’s important to demonstrate the difference that a donor’s gift can make, when many great opportunities are vying for their support.